Jade meeting Levi

Jade meeting Levi

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random pics and catch up

My little Jader bug loves taking baths.  She even pretends she's swimming, she loves splashing too.  Tonight I gave her a bath and I'm pretty sure I ended up being more wet then her when we were done. 

My little sister Heidi is getting married in September.  All our sisters and her soon to be in-laws all went dress shopping.  We all picked out dresses we wanted to see her in.  After about 20 dresses my sister Sarah brought in this beauty and it happened to fit her perfectly and looked amazing on her.  This was the one! It was so fun to be there and share that time with her.  The dress is nothing like what she had in mind at first.  So excited for you Heidi and Alan!

Jade has been a bit of a drama queen lately.  She is either happy or mad, no inbetween.  But she has also been good at letting me do her hair.  I'm not too brave yet, but I love to do pig tails on her. She will even leave the flowers/bows in most the day now.  :) yeah!  

Her hair is so fine and thin but it has the most beautiful natural curl to it. 

Jade and I went to Jevan's family reunion without him this year. They go to the Uintas every year over by Vernal. Most the family brings their trailers. But we slept in a tent for 2 nights.  Jade did amazingly well.  She loved the tent and loved being outside 24/7.  She took great naps during the day and slept so well at night.  It was a long 3 days without Jevan, he had to work so he wasn't able to make it. Hopefully next year. I'm not taking 2 kids camping by my self.  Here is my 6 month pregnancy pic too.  Sorry it's not very good, but I wasn't that big still.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

no more Fairy Princess TuTus

I had just noticed that some of you still had my tutu website button on your blogs.  I'm sorry I forgot to tell you that we stopped our website back in March.  So if you have our button on your blog, if you wouldn't mind deleting it that would be great.  That web address has been taken up by another company now and they have a site set up on it.   
If any of you are interested in making a tutu I'd love to show you how, I even have some stuff you can buy from me if you want to make your own.