Jade meeting Levi

Jade meeting Levi

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Baby White Tiger

Isn't this the cutest kitty you've ever seen?


The past few months have flown by.  I don't think life will ever slow down. Here are some random pictures I've taken.  
This is Jade all dressed up in her little pink/brown giraffe dress, it had this matching hat. She looked so adorable in it i just couldn't resist a photo shoot.
My little poka dot!
Can anyone say MOOOOOO!  Love this outfit too!  She wanted the camera so bad.
Jevan and I went to the Super Cross in April it was in SLC.  It was just us 2, our moms took shifts watching Jade. We went down in the early afternoon, the actual race didn't start till 6 or so.  It was so fun to walk around the pits and see all the bikes and other crazy people.  lol!  We had some good seats, great company and lots of cold and rain!